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… your one-stop hydraulic cylinder resource!

It’s simple at Hydraulics ONLINE… if it’s hydraulic we can design it, supply it, solve it or repair it!

Hydraulics Online has a wealth of experience in supplying hydraulic cylinders (hydraulic rams) and other hydraulic components, backed up by extensive product and hydraulic systems knowledge so you can be confident that our hydraulic equipment really is “fit for purpose”.

If you are looking to source a hydraulic cylinder, Hydraulics Online has widespread, competitive access to hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic ram manufacturers from around the world. Visit our online shop (on the left) and view some of the single and double-acting hydraulic cylinders we hold within our range, or if you can’t find the hydraulic cylinder you’re looking for complete our Stock Enquiry Form.


Looking for a hydraulic cylinder designer or manufacturer? Then look no further. Hydraulics Online can also provide you with one-off, custom-made hydraulic cylinders to suit your specific application, requirements and operating parameters; just complete our Bespoke Cylinder Design Form and one of our hydraulic engineers will get back to you. In the meantime, you can also take a look in our “Case Studies” section to see examples of hydraulic cylinders that we have designed and supplied for a wide variety of customers and applications.



Whether you work within a major PLC or run your own small business, Hydraulics Online can help you with hydraulic cylinders and rams including: Custom made hydraulic cylinders, heavy duty cylinder hydraulic, hydraulic clamping cylinders, hydraulic servo-cylinder, standard cylinder hydraulic, aluminium hydraulic cylinder, compact hydraulic cylinder, hollow plunger hydraulic cylinders, cylinder hydraulic for agricultural applications, light-alloy cylinder hydraulic, single-acting hydraulic cylinder, stainless steel hydraulic cylinders, telescopic cylinder hydraulic, tie rod hydraulic cylinder, water cylinder hydraulic, double-acting hydraulic cylinder, large size cylinder hydraulic, cylinder hydraulic for heavy handling equipment, large size differential hydraulic cylinder, displacement hydraulic cylinders, high-pressure cylinder hydraulic, marine hydraulic cylinders, sub-sea and off-shore cylinder hydraulic, rod-feed hydraulic cylinders, spring-return cylinder hydraulic and trunion-mounted hydraulic cylinders.

For any further information you can contact us on: 0845 644 3640, via: or complete our stock enquiry form or bespoke cylinder design form and let us take the pressure!